The domestic breeding of raptors was discovered in the 1960s by falconers who wanted the means of assuring access to a ready supply of birds for their sport. Raptors that were endangered were then bred by falconers and released into the wild to rebuild devastated populations. Due to these efforts, today only a couple of North American species require falconers’ assistance in release projects, but all other raptors being bred for falconry today are ready and waiting should the day come when the recovery of a raptor species requires assistance again. RR’s breeding pairs are descendants of these raptors and are ready to serve our conservation needs should the need arise again. Come to Arizona Raptor Ranch and observe these descendants of those historic making birds.  



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No trip to the Grand Canyon's Raptor Ranch would be complete without touring our raptor breeding facilities, incubation room, and nursery. We normally have baby birds
at the Arizona Ranch from May 1 thru September 15th.